Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall Menu Choices

Thyme for Fun is pleased to offer a unique meal preparation service, where we bring everything to you. You and your friends assemble delicious, good-for-you meals using fresh ingredients, natural meats and lots of laughter.

Hostesses review the menu choices, select six different meals (I encourage a variety of protein sources) and invite five favorite girlfriends to make meals (plus you earn $50 meal credit for hosting). Thyme for Fun will then post your party's personalized menu - every guest will prepare two of each meal, taking home 12 delicious meals in one night!! To register, guests leave a blog comment and send $100 deposit to reserve their cooking space. The night of your cooking party, bring a cooler, wear a flirty apron and be ready for a fun "thyme"!



Baked Chicken Dijon - Creamy ranch and tangy mustard add great flavor to two pounds Foster Farms chicken breasts. $15.50 per meal
Mustard Oregano Chicken - Two pounds chicken breasts in a savory garlicky-mustard marinade. Delicious!! $16.00 per meal
Sesame Orange Chicken Bake - A fabulous tangy-sweet sauce coats tender Foster Farms chicken breasts baked on a bed of fluffy rice. Unique pleasing flavor. $15.00 per meal
Sticky Chicky - Even if your kids are picky, there's no way they'll call these "icky." Instead of saying "phooey," they'll should "yahooey, these are gooey!" Boneless baked Foster Farms chicken breasts with a tangy barbeque sauce. $16.00 per meal

Crockpot Beef Stroganoff - Tender strips of beef (two pounds!) combine with mushrooms, beef broth and more. Add sour cream at home right before serving; delicious over noodles, rice or potatoes. $16.50 per meal
Flank 'n Stein - This original recipe called for flank steak, but we prefer our delicious hormone-free Flatiron Steak with this beer and spice marinade. If you're "Igor" to tame a monstrous appetite, here's a little "tipsy" ... beer will cure what "ales" you! $17.50 per meal
Raging Garlic Beef Stir-fry - A traditional family favorite with soy sauce, vinegar, green pepper and more along with two pounds beef strips --yummy! $16.00 per meal

Apple Butter Ribs - Tasty crockpot ribs that are perfect for the season, made with 3 pounds of country style boneless pork ribs and our own special sauce. $15.50 per meal
Loin King - Delicious marinated pork loin roast for company or Sunday dinner, the tastiest pork roast this side of the jungle ... and we aren't "lion", either! $15.50 per meal
Korean Pork Tenderloin - Brown and bake a pork tenderloin in a delicious blend of ginger, soy, sesame oil and more for a tender, tasty treat. $16.00 per meal
Mustard Oregano Chops - Four bone-in center chops in a savory garlicky-mustard marinade. Delicious!! $16.25 per meal